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Planned Giving builds Judaism where it is needed most, in your local community. From preschool to day school, visiting the sick, or comforting the poor, this is your moment to make a difference. Join with us through the loving act of planned giving by leading your community to a strong and vibrant future. This is your Moment.

Planned Giving

Be a daily partner by joining the “Daily Tzedakah Fund”. 
Your mitzvah will  enable the many programs and educational opportunities of  the Clark County Jewish community.
​Sign up to give your daily  dollar of support, from today, until one year from this date, and do your part in creating a more  vibrant Jewish community.

The link below will allow you to choose your daily amount of support, or call us to discuss the details of your participation.

daily TzEdakah fund

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Chabad is a non-membership organization. All the activities and programs are supported by your generosity and commitment. Be a partner in our efforts by making your donation today.